SmartSky Networks Announces $104M Funding Round

Adrienne FoutsPress Releases

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, North Carolina –- 5 FEBRUARY 2019 –- The aviation industry’s transformative inflight internet provider, SmartSky Networks, announces the closing of a total of $104M in funding, including $75 million in debt commitments from funds managed by the Global Credit team at BlackRock and equity investments by private equity firms Tiger Infrastructure, WP Global, Platform Partners, and Meritage Investors. … Read More

JetSuiteX to Launch SmartSky Networks’ Industry-Best In-Flight Internet Solution Across Its Fleet

Adrienne FoutsPress Releases

JetSuiteX Customers Will Enjoy In-Flight Internet Comparable to Their Experience on the Ground DALLAS, Texas –- 29 JANUARY 2019 –- JetSuiteX, the acclaimed air carrier that offers regular flights from private terminals at the cost of a commercial ticket, announced that it will become the first carrier to offer SmartSky Networks’ innovative inflight internet solution, which gives customers the ability to … Read More

SmartSky 4G LTE Air-to-Ground Network Deployment Initiated

Kerry RadiganPress Releases

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 3 August 2017 – SmartSky Networks, LLC, an aviation communications provider, has initiated deployment of the nation’s first airborne 4G LTE-based air-to-ground (ATG) network. Using 60 MHz of spectrum and patented beamforming technology, SmartSky’s network will provide more than 10 times the typical speed and capacity of the current industry standard ATG network, and at a lower … Read More

DragonWave Awarded Product and Services Contract for SmartSky Networks

Kerry RadiganPress Releases

OTTAWA, Canada –- 6 June 2017 — DragonWave Inc., (TSX/NASDAQ: DRWI) a global supplier of packet microwave radio systems, announced today that it has been awarded a product supply and installation services contract from SmartSky Networks, a North American 4G LTE inflight service provider. SmartSky will deploy DragonWave’s Harmony Enhanced and Harmony Enhanced MC products to provide high-capacity backhaul for … Read More

SmartSky’s patented spectrum reuse radio technology receives FCC certification, unlocking 60 MHz of nationwide unlicensed spectrum for aviation use

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The SmartSky 4G network is on track to provide nationwide in-flight connectivity service in 2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C. — 28 SEPTEMBER 2016 — Today, SmartSky Networks’ patented SmartSky 4G radio system completed the major milestone of receiving FCC certification, clearing the way for deployment of the ultra-fast SmartSky 4G air-to-ground network later this year, with nationwide service launching in mid-2017. Haynes … Read More