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SmartSky is launching the Skytelligence™ technology framework as an integrated body of tools and resources for use by aerospace apps developers, suppliers, and operators. This framework allows for the creation and operation of network-enabled applications that are efficient, effective, and safe. Utilizing this embedded expertise enables innovations in managing aircraft and airspace operations over the SmartSky 4G LTE network. Accessing Skytelligence enables timely connections to relevant data aggregated from multiple sources, as well as provides access to patented systems and methods.

Key benefits to using Skytelligence:

  • Service Oriented Architecture uses APIs to facilitate the development of apps and services
  • Consolidates multiple data sources and advanced algorithms for collaboration and interoperability
  • Permits access to patented methods and systems for flight path trajectory, airspace modeling and more
  • Open framework allows for innovations to be applied to any aviation connectivity network

Skytelligence helps transform data into actionable knowledge to enhance situational awareness for the crew, resulting in improved efficiencies, increased mission effectiveness, and enhanced safety. EFB applications can use this technology framework to enable five-dimensional (latitude, longitude, altitude, current time, and future time on the aircraft’s route) trajectory-based operations applications and services to optimize fuel burns, save flight time, and account in real-time for air traffic, airspace, and weather dynamics.

Tap into the SKYTELLIGENCE technology framework and/or become a SMARTSKY SELECT partner.

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An open marketplace turning ideas into opportunities

Accelerates Innovation  & Time to Market

Accelerates Innovation
& Time to Market

Turn your ideas into functioning apps with compelling data and services

Connects Developers  & Services Providers

Connects Developers
& Services Providers

Leverage APIs and Business Rules to meet needs and deliver complete solutions

Harmonized  Information Management

Information Management

Avoid complexity, unforeseen requirements and unexpected costs

Top Reasons to join Aviation’s Digital Transformation


  • eCommerce Transaction Engine
  • Community Portal
  • Directory of Data & Services
  • Developer & Service Provider Support
  • Highly Scalable Cloud


  • Access Controls & Security
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Code Examples
  • Graphical Visualization Tools
  • Monitoring & Reports
  • Future Proof: Private Cloud Access


  • 3rd Party Data Fusion
  • Real Time Filed and Flying Flights
  • Airport Information
  • Clearable and Recently Cleared Routes
  • Aircraft Performance Data
  • Current Weather and Overlays


  • Developer/Provider Agreements
  • Define Business Rules/Policies
  • Risk & Compliance Controls
  • Aviation Network Agnostic
  • Programming Language Independent

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Prepare your environment and define requirements

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Configure access and finalize requirements

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Begin developing, testing, and delivering

Application Developers and Service Providers are Joining

“Previously, the biggest challenges in our work, have involved integrating with numerous languages, development environments, APIs and technologies from dozens of vendors. It’s a logistical nightmare. With the help of Skytelligence, we now have access to a variety of aviation databases and functionality consolidated into a single, easily supported interface. Finally, I can focus on development and deliver applications sooner at a dramatically reduced cost.“
Chuck Rinker (CEO, nuMedia Innovations)

"Skytelligence is an invaluable marketplace for Snowflake to showcase and sell its API and data services to a broader aviation app developer community. While Skytelligence allows us to deliver services over any network, when combined with the SmartSky 4G LTE network, it also enables the unique opportunity for our APIs and data services to power the next generation of connected aircraft applications."

Ian Painter (CEO, Snowflake Software)
”Our organization is committed to being a part of aviation’s digital transformation. Skytelligence features an open data, secure framework designed to bring the advantage of accelerated innovation to the industry. When we started our development, a driving goal was the betterment of the industry. So much so, Skytelligence allows any aviation data platform to securely access data and services to strengthen their offerings.”
Ryan Stone (President, SmartSky Networks)