Satcom Direct is Named the Exclusive Service Provider of the New SmartSky 4G LTE-Based Wireless Network

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SATELLITE BEACH, FL — 14 NOVEMBER 2014 — Announced at the NBAA convention in October, Satcom Direct is the only organization approved to provide activation, customer support and billing for the new airborne SmartSky Network. The nation’s first airborne 4G LTE-based wireless network, SmartSky 4G is being launched by SmartSky Networks with the anticipated rollout of commercial service in 2016. SmartSky’s patented … Read More

Duncan Aviation Supports Technical Development at SmartSky Networks

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LINCOLN, NB — 22 OCTOBER 2014 — For the last year, Duncan Aviation aerospace engineers have been providing operational support and design direction to SmartSky Networks, which recently announced that it is developing a 4G LTE-based airborne network capable of providing customers with high performance Wi-Fi for real-time internet access, video streaming and video conferencing. According to SmartSky Networks Chairman and … Read More

Transforming Airborne Wi-Fi: SmartSky Networks™ Announces Connectivity Partners at NBAA 2014

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CHARLOTTE, NC – 21 OCTOBER 2014 — Transforming Airborne Wi-Fi: SmartSky™ Networks Announces Connectivity Partners at NBAA 2014 Textron Aviation, Duncan Aviation, Satcom Direct, ICG, and Harris Corporation comprise SmartSky’s distribution backbone for nation’s first airborne 4G LTE wireless network SmartSky Networks, a next-generation aviation communications provider bringing SmartSky 4G, the first airborne 4G LTE-based wireless network to the market, announced its … Read More

Mile-high Wi-Fi: Charlotte startup ready to bring 4G Internet to business jets

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CHARLOTTE, NC — 10 OCTOBER 2014 — Ryan Stone has waited three years for this: to tell the business aviation world his startup can put high-speed internet access on their airplanes. Stone, president of SmartSky Networks, this week revealed the aviation communications provider he co-founded is ready to launch SmartSky 4G, a product it’s calling “the nation’s first airborne 4G LTE-based … Read More

SmartSky Networks™ to Launch Nation’s First 4G LTE Aviation Network with Largest Airborne Spectrum Position Ever Utilized

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CHARLOTTE, NC – 7 OCTOBER 2014 — Seasoned Wireless Executives Team with Radio Technology Expert Harris Corporation to Deliver Technological Innovation SmartSky Networks, a next-generation aviation communications provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the nation’s first airborne 4G LTE-based network, SmartSky 4G. SmartSky’s technology will provide more than 10 times the typical speed and capacity of networks currently … Read More