SmartSky Select

SMARTSKY SELECT: Commercial Aviation

Your launch pad for SmartSky optimized applications



Don’t be misled. All aviation connections are NOT the same. Uniquely engineered from the ground-up, SmartSky provides multi-megabit connections both to the aircraft and from the aircraft. This means getting data off the aircraft in an affordable manner with a return link nearly as fast as the forward link. For you the customer, it means real-time bidirectional connectivity without latency of satellite, as well as bandwidth unmatched in other air-to-ground systems.

Utilize the SmartSky Select program to enhance your business:

  • Identify hardware, services, and apps tailored to run on the fast SmartSky network
  • Go beyond current offerings: SmartSky delivers bidirectional multi-Mbps typical speeds with extremely low latency
  • Treat your aircraft as a node in your IT system

SmartSky branding lets customers know your offerings combined with SmartSky’s cutting edge technology create exciting solutions. Adding SmartSky Select labeling is simply a more powerful brand for enhancing messaging that your offering is clearly SmartSky ready.

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