JetSuiteX to Launch SmartSky Networks’ Industry-Best In-Flight Internet Solution Across Its Fleet

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JetSuiteX Customers Will Enjoy In-Flight Internet Comparable to Their Experience on the Ground DALLAS, Texas –- 29 JANUARY 2019 –- JetSuiteX, the acclaimed air carrier that offers regular flights from private terminals at the cost of a commercial ticket, announced that it will become the first carrier to offer SmartSky Networks’ innovative inflight internet solution, which gives customers the ability to … Read More

FDS Avionics and SmartSky combine IFE and IFC for BizAv

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 22 OCTOBER 2018 –- With more business jet passengers demanding a premium travel experience in the sky, FDS Avionics has integrated its inflight entertainment system with the industry’s next generation air-to-ground connectivity service, SmartSky 4G LTE, creating a new Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity option. FDS CEO Reed Macdonald says, “This collaboration between FDS and SmartSky brings together … Read More

Stevens Aviation Named Authorized Dealer for SmartSky 4G LTE Equipment Sales and Installation

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 16 OCTOBER 2018 –- SmartSky Networks has expanded its robust dealer and distribution network, adding a proven aviation company with more than 60 years of industry experience. Stevens Aviation will serve as an authorized dealer for hardware sales and installation of the SmartSky 4G LTE system. Stevens will sell and install SmartSky equipment at its three locations … Read More

SmartSKY 4G LTE Takes Flight with Pentastar Aviation Completing First Certification and Customer Install

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Installation completed on Gulfstream G550 aircraft WATERFORD, MI. –- 15 OCTOBER 2018 –- Pentastar Aviation, a leader in the world of business aviation, announced today that it has successfully completed the first installation of a SmartSky Networks 4G LTE system in a customer’s aircraft. Pentastar Aviation developed an Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), which now permits SmartSky … Read More

Nancy Walker joins SmartSky Networks in new Chief Commercial Officer role

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 30 MAY 2018 –- SmartSky Networks, a next-generation airborne communications provider, today announced that Nancy Walker has joined the company in the newly created role of Chief Commercial Officer. Walker’s vast knowledge of the inflight connectivity (IFC) industry, coupled with her wealth of aerospace business development and avionics engineering experience, will position her to make an immediate … Read More

Ventura Air Services Commits to Secure Bombardier Learjet 55 STC for SmartSky 4G LTE System Installation and Operation

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 26 APRIL 2018 –- Ventura Air Services has committed to secure a supplemental type certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation and operation of a SmartSky 4G LTE system on the Bombardier Learjet 55. There are more than 100 Learjet 55s currently in service in the United States. The aircraft holds up to … Read More

Introducing SmartSky LiTE™ – the First 4G LTE-based Connectivity for Light-Jet and Turboprop Aircraft

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 26 MARCH 2018 –- It’s easy for light aircraft operators to feel like all the inflight connectivity focus is on larger-cabin, longer-range jets. Anyone in the industry can tell you, however, that operators of turboprops and light jets have always been vital to business aviation – and that their impact is poised to grow. Today’s announcement of … Read More

FAA Bestows Parts Manufacturer Approval on SmartSky 4G Aircraft System

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 22 MARCH 2018 –- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) to SmartSky Networks’ radio and antenna manufacturing partners, enabling full-rate production of the SmartSky 4G LTE aircraft system and catalyzing STC projects on numerous popular business aircraft. Avidyne secured a PMA for the production of the airborne radio, while AeroAntenna received PMA … Read More

FAA Approves First STC for SmartSky, Will Enable Retail Customers on its 4G LTE Airborne Network

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 29 JANUARY 2018 –- SmartSky’s best-in-class, future-ready airborne network got a boost today from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Avidyne Corporation, SmartSky’s avionics manufacturing partner, was awarded the first supplemental type certificate (STC) that provides for the installation and operation of a SmartSky 4G LTE system, in this case, on a Cessna Citation Excel. Avidyne CEO Dan … Read More

Business Aviation Reporters Test SmartSky 4G LTE on Demonstration Flight

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. –- 22 NOVEMBER 2017 –- Editors and reporters from some of the most respected and relied upon business aviation publications recently participated in the first media demonstration of the SmartSky 4G LTE-based network. SmartSky Networks’ Citation Excel took flight Tuesday morning, Nov. 14 from Melbourne International Airport (KMLB). Aviation International News/Business Jet Traveler, Business & Commercial Aviation/Aviation Week, … Read More