Our Company

Origins Rooted in Connectivity

Several years ago, our team of aviation professionals became frustrated by the lack of an office-like Internet for airborne passengers. Despite many “broadband” marketing claims, we found off-the-shelf commercial offerings to be less than satisfying. In 2009 we decided to do something about it and began the journey of a lifetime.

The Evolution of IFC


By 2011, we were well underway with our advanced air-to-ground network, designed from the ground up to serve the aviation industry. To achieve optimum performance, traditional network designs were discarded. We took an entirely new network approach to high bandwidth aircraft connectivity. Based on aviation-specific modifications to the emerging 4G wireless communications standard, our work resulted in breakthroughs that pushed the envelope of performance with advanced communications technologies.

SmartSky 4G LTE with proprietary beamforming stands apart as the only inflight network capable of offering services with real-time bidirectional connectivity without the latency of satellite-based solutions. The network supports a variety of advanced applications through the SmartSky Select Program.